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  • Picking up the Pieces: The Making of the Witness Blanket

    Inspired to know more about his father's time at residential school, artist Carey Newman created the Witness Blanket - a national monument that commemorates the experiences of residential school survivors. The blanket is constructed from hundreds of everyday items collected from residential schoo...

  • Blessing the Fleet

    Salmon have declined in the Pacific Northwest due to both human induced and natural factors. Less than one percent of king salmon and Steelhead survive into adulthood, a fraction of what it was 40 years ago. At the same time there seems to be a potential for decline in the fishing culture among N...

  • ENTROPHI: Ode To Nature

    A non-narrative documentary short-film through the magical landscapes, wildlife and architecture of Iceland and The Faroe Islands accompanied by inspirational music.

  • Lana Gets Her Talk

    Lana Gets Her Talk is an observation of Cree artist Lana Whiskeyjack as she works to complete a mixed-media sculpture of a tortured face, the face of her uncle. Lana calls the piece Losing My Talk. This brief study of an artist and her work helps us come to some understanding of the trauma experi...